We are convinced that transparent production is a prerequisite for sustainability.



Our production is currently concentrated with our partner in Turkey, SML Seamless. We have a close and long-term collaboration to ensure high-quality products manufactured with lowest possible negative impact on the environment. All components of our garments are tested for hazardous substances and meet the requirement of OEKO-TEX 100 - one of the world's most famous labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.



Our garments are designed in Stockholm and we work in close collaboration with children and parents.



anyki does not compromise on quality or our commitment to sustainable production.

The majority of our fabric compositions consists of a biodegradable yarn called amnisoul eco. It holds many important qualities and has minimal negative impact on the environment.

It is important to us that the clothes withstands many washes and can be used many times over. Therefore we use yarn from the Italian company Fulgar which is widely recognized for its superior quality. 

Read more about Amni Soul Eco® here.



The sewing of our garments takes place in our factory using a technology called seamless. Seamless garments are made by a single and continuous knitting process, eliminating side seams. This makes more comfortable and better-looking  garments without seams that could otherwise rub against the skin. 



When the garment is made, it is sent for dyeing, which is carried out in a so-called dying house.

Labeling of our clothes takes place after the garment has undergone dyeing and inspection.

Our clothes are packaged in recycled plastic bags before being shipped.