anyki is a new Swedish brand founded in 2022 by Fanny Bsenko, Filippa Granting and Maria Lindholm. We create clothes for the young generation that encourage movement. Our activewear are specially designed to fit all body types, made in a soft, stretchy material for optimal comfort and superior quality.


We created anyki because no other activewear brand for kids and teens had a serious focus on comfort. In order to encourage more movement in everyday life for an increasingly sedentary generation, our ambition is to create clothes that are as comfortable to wear when exercising as when chilling on the couch.

We started anyki because no other activewear brand for kids and teens had a serious focus on quality. We want to raise the ambitions in an industry that for far too long has focused on fast fashion over durability and believe that growing children also deserve high-quality activewear. Our stretchy materials ensure that the clothes can be used over a long period of time, and outgrown garments can be returned for a reward thanks to our Preloved Program (launching this spring).

We started anyki because no other activewear brand for kids and teens had a serious focus on inclusivity. All bodies are different, and we think that's amazing. In today's society, however, we are constantly exposed to unattainable body and beauty ideals on social media. Research shows that this can have a major negative impact on both mental health and identity development, especially for young girls. For us, it is important to show that beauty comes in all colors and shapes, and provide space for young people to express their personality through our clothes.

We started anyki because no other activewear brand for kids and teens had a serious focus on sustainability. We work hard to minimize our environmental impact in all stages of our value chain. For example, we produce in Europe, use sustainable fabrics and offer our customers the opportunity to recycle or resell used clothes within the framework of our Preloved Program (launching this spring). We hope you will love and appreciate anyki as much as we do.

If you want to follow our journey and get to know us better, follow us on Instagram @anykiactive


With love,

Fanny, Filippa & Maria