When the start of school approaches, it is high time to start thinking about leisure activities for the children. For many parents, it is important that the child is allowed to express himself creatively but at the same time find an activity that involves more movement in everyday life. According to the Public Health Agency, children between 6-17 years of age and young people should try to get in at least 60 minutes of pulse-raising activity per day. At the same time, the Public Health Agency's surveys show that children move too little, and especially girls. Only about 9% of all girls move according to recommendations. How can a parent help their child find joy in movement? In connection with the arrival of autumn, a new hobby is a perfect way to move around and get to know new friends.

However, leisure activities can quickly become very costly. In a Sifo survey, parents spend an average of SEK 2,970 per child per year on equipment for leisure activities. Ice hockey leads the league as the most costly activity, closely followed by horse riding. If you don't have the opportunity to pay a resounding SEK 10,000 per year - don't worry. There are cheaper options.

How much do popular activities cost?

Ice hockey: SEK 10,740
Equestrian: SEK 10,405
Tennis: SEK 4,700
Athletics: SEK 4100
Floorball : SEK 3945
Swimming: SEK 3925
Basketball: SEK 3900
Football: SEK 3,700
Gym: SEK 2500-3588
Dance : SEK 2,500
Yoga : About SEK 2,500-3,000
Golf: SEK 3,500
Gymnastics: SEK 2360

Source: Swedish Sports Confederation (2009) and anyki.