We have put together a guide on how to wash activewear  from anyki in the best way

Always follow the washing instructions :

On the inside of each garment you will find washing instructions based on the garment's fabric and composition. Washing at a low temperature is better for the garment and saves the environment.

Do not over wash:

Wash the clothes when needed. It is not always necessary to wash the clothes after each use. If the garment is still clean, save both on the environment and electricity!

Don't overdose on detergent:

It's easy to sometimes take a little extra detergent because you think the clothes will be cleaner then - but that's not true. In the case of an overdose of detergent, the risk of allergies increases and there is also the risk of detergent remaining in the washing machine, which can give off a bad smell. 

Avoid fabric softener when washing training clothes:

Fabric softener can adversely affect the performance of the garment. Fabric softener might clog the pores, which affects the fabric's breathing function.

Avoid leaving used activewear in the bag or in the laundry basket:

Either wash them directly or hang them up to dry before washing them. By washing them directly, you avoid sweat drying into the garment and clogging pores in the fabric, which can cause bad odors and bacteria to thrive.

Do not tumble dry workout clothes:

Tumble drying in high heat can damage the material and can therefore destroy the garment's function.